Chimney Cleaning
Our basic chimney cleaning includes a visual inspection of your
chimney and heating appliance. We use a rotary cleaning method
that takes all creosote and creosote glaze off your chimney.

Chimney Cleaning $130 w/ Inspection

We know that we are in your house. We always do everything to keep
your home clean. We use drop cloths to protect your floors. Our
SootSweeper, which is specifically designed for removing soot
particles from the air to keep soot dust from entering your home.

If we find that your chimney does not need cleaned you will only be
charged for the inspection. ($55) We will make any recommendations
and offer any advice to help you get the most out of your wood
burning experience.
Crown and Chase Repair
After a time, all chimneys start to show signs of being out in the
weather. We can repair damaged crowns and chases.  We can also
fix leaks around the chimney and seal them.
       Water can cause expensive damage to your home.
We offer a complete array of water-proffing solutions for your chimney.
Repelling Water
Fireplace Fire Box Repair
Minor Tuck Pointing
Damper Instillation​
Other Minor Repairs
Other Services
Animal Removal and Custom Chimney
It's a fact... racoons, bats, and birds love chimneys. Getting them out
can be a challenge.  Once we have them out we recommend having
a custom stainless steel chimney cap installed to keep the unwanted
house guests, as well as the rain which can cause damage, out of
your chimney.
 25 Years Chimney Service Experience
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